At Iykons we link knowledge to the tree, we consider and nurture people as branches who can maximize the returns to the organization and help you to Strengthen the root of your organizational tree with our technical, professional and domain specific trainings.

Technical training:
Corporate Training
Domain specific Training
IT Training

In the Professional Training we deliver:

Leadership Training

Strategic Thinking
Skill development

The above trainings are designed to train your team on the state-of-the-art technology drifts that can be meet and provide solutions you demand.

Why we?

Our trainers are handpicked with a selected meticulously for their knowledge and real-world experience and ability to train on every niche technology. In addition to IT training courses, we also deliver trainings on some of latest skills, learn best practices and have the knowledge to earn the must-have certifications.

When you train with us, we aim to deliver quality each time. We choose instructors who has the perfect blend of the passion, knowledge and hands-on experience.It’s not about technology, it’s also understanding how technology can drive business. We call our training division as

    “Knowledge factory”

which will help enterprises and SMBs to integrate and align the infrastructure, training and resources requirements to meet the business challenges.