As one of the leading software development companies, IYKONS has earned the trust of fintech startups as well as other enterprises for their back-end Fintech needs by providing sturdy and secure digital fintech products powered by cutting-edge technology. We provide fintech app development services and dedicated teams to a wide range of enterprises, including fintech start-ups, traditional financial, banking operations and non-financial firms. Our deep expertise and breadth of experience assure on-time delivery of next-generation fintech products.

Here is a list of the fintech end-to-end solutions that we offer:

  • Fintech Customization
  • Development of Fintech Mobile Apps
  • Web Design and Fintech UI/UX
  • Services for Digital Banking
  • Fintech Payment Methods
  • Fintech Data Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Platform Development
  • Wallet Services
  • Business-specific wallets
  • Bill Payments Services
  • End-to-end Solution for Cross Border Remittances

FinTech Software Services

From basic mobile payment apps to huge enterprise-grade financial platforms, we offer our in-depth fintech expertise, first-class specialists, and effective customer-oriented strategy to assist our clients on their journey to digital transformation. We create new or improve existing financial solutions for our customers based on our nearly 20 years of experience in banking and financial software development. We are prepared to do market research and provide an effective fintech solution for your company for the right financial management.

Fintech Payment Solution: We develop a variety of fintech payment solutions, including B2B payments, fintech digital payments, mobile payments, and P2P transfers for personal finance management, retail, and e-commerce, among others.

Staff Augmentation: We have experienced fintech engineers who deal with a full stack of financial services technology. Our professional team can help with a range of tasks, including designing a full system from scratch, modifying an existing one, and performing integration work. Whatever you decide, we are always ready to get started right away.

Financial Planning and Management: At IYKONS, we offer simple-to-implement and low-cost solutions for managing finances and working with any financial data including vendor payment management, customer management and so much more.

End-to-end IT Solutions: We offer Enterprise IT Solutions to meet your business’s IT needs. We enable clients and partners worldwide with smarter technology that offers multichannel enterprise data and logic access. Our years of experience, strong connections with global IT leaders, and millions of global installations help clients adapt to new IT technology and capitalise on business opportunities. Our IT solutions cover all enterprise needs.

ECommerce development: As an Ecommerce Solution Provider, our firm helps retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers promote customer happiness, increase sales, and grow their audiences by combining our knowledge in information technology and eCommerce development. With our eCommerce solutions and services.We strive to create technically flawless and appealing eCommerce solutions that will help your company stand out in the eCommerce market. Our eCommerce services have created several B2B and D2C platforms as well.

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