IYKONS’ consulting services help focus on your most significant opportunities and challenges, i.e. operational, strategic, digital,, marketing, etc   We specialise in offering our business support services to SMEs and help take their business to the next level.

Creating a Business

IYKONS is an authorised Companies House formation agent. We ensure that our corporate documentation is of the  highest quality, is always up to date, and is in accordance with current regulations and legislation. We will assist you throughout the entire company formation process. We also supply a company address for a modest cost;  provide assistance in opening business bank accounts, start-up counselling, and legal or regulatory information.

Preparation of a Business Plan

IYKONS can assist you in developing a successful business plan for any purpose. A good business plan is much more than a tool for raising capital. When utilised and updated on a regular basis, it can provide:
  • A framework that allows you to make sound decisions.
  • A foundation for easily communicating ideas.
  • A standard against which corporate performance can be measured.

Postal Service Applications

Are you interested in purchasing a post office, or do you want assistance with the Post Office application and evaluation process in order to operate the Post Office you wish to purchase? If so, our team of experts is here to help you out. This includes completing your online Post Office Financial Assessment application and developing a Business Plan within the deadlines. This could also include collaborating, communicating and coordinating with all involved parties. Disputes and Representations in Business The IYKONS dispute resolution team has extensive expertise in assisting business clients in resolving many forms of commercial conflicts. To resolve your business/partnership conflicts, we have long-standing relationships with London City legal companies. As a result, we have recovered millions of pounds for our clients over the years. We can also assist you with mediation and any other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Outsourced Business Support Services

IYKONS is ready and able to be your dependable outsourcing partner for SMEs’ HR, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax return services. Outsourcing your business needs to us will provide you more time to focus on building your company. With our years of experience we can develop bespoke outsourcing services to your specific requirements. Of course, we also handle your company’s administrative needs and guarantee a noticeable reduction in your operational costs due to outsourcing.
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