IYKONS can help you in creating an effective business plan for any purpose. An excellent business plan is much more than a financing tool. When constantly reviewed and updated, it can provide:

  • A framework within which you can make solid decisions.
  • A basis from which ideas can be easily communicated.
  • A benchmark from which company performance can be judged.

Post office Applications

Are you interested in buying a post office, or do you need help with the Post Office’s application and assessment process to operate the Post Office you would like to buy? If so, please contact our team of experts at  IYKONS  . We successfully helped dozens of clients.

  • Includes preparing your online Post Office Financial Assessment application and Business Plan within the timescales required. This may involve talking to the outgoing Postmaster to obtain key information to input into the plan and liaising with all other stakeholders.
  • Going through this with you face to face makes sure you fully understand and endorse it, and it becomes/is your application and plan, whereupon you submit it to the Post Office with our help.
  • We are liaising with the Post Office’s onboarding team as required.
  • assistance in preparing for the Post Office assessment interview

Business Disputes & Representations

IYKONS dispute resolution team has many years of experience in helping business clients resolve various types of business-related disputes. We have longstanding partnerships with London City solicitors firms to solve your business/ partnership disputes. As a result, we managed to recover millions of pounds for our clients over the years.

We can also help you with mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (ADR).

Outsourced Business Support Services

We at  IYKONS are ready to be appointed as your trustworthy outsourcing partner for SMEs’ HR, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax return services. Outsourcing your business needs to us can free up your valuable time to focus on growing your business. With our years of expertise, we can tailor bespoke outsourcing services to your needs.

Of course, we do undertake your company’s secretarial works also.  We can guarantee a visible reduction in your operational costs after outsourcing.

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