IYCONNECT is a collaborative practice management platform to manage the workflow, communicate with the team, and deliver exceptional client work. IYCONNECT brings a total transformation across the entire practice, allowing any firm to maximize efficiencies, streamline processes and optimize the scale.


  • Visibility and Management – Track wherever every job stands
  • Workflow Automation – Standardize and automate common processes
  • Collaboration & Connectivity– Unite the team together
  • Deliver Exceptional Standards – Work delivered on target
  • Improve Satisfaction – Build enduring client relationships by providing a first-class service
  • Stay on top with IYCONNECT!


  • View and optimize all the jobs going on across your team.
  • Delegate work tasks and sub-tasks to the team so everyone knows their own responsibility.
  • Real-time work-in-progress tracking – Track job progression, identify setbacks and ensure targets are met on time.
  • A system-triggered notification through the dashboard and via email when new tasks are assigned to team members and remind the member about a missing and upcoming deadline.
  • TSheets to track time against clients or jobs.
  • Allocate resources, manage team efficiency, and achieve productivity.


  • Simplified client onboarding solution that creates automated engagement letters to clients with a unified e-signing option.
  • Automated requests and reminders to chase clients for the information required, a painless data collection process.
  • The system generates automated workflow based on the statutory deadlines; for different service categories such as Accounting, VAT, PAYE, CT and etc. It also enables users to set recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules.
  • Files and documents are automatically stored and organized against clients and jobs.


  • Organize and manage growing Clients’ Profiles under one platform
  • A stress-free client record management that stores the information gathered from the clients
  • Easy to track customized categories of clients, prospects, one-offs, and onboarding in progress
  • Communicate with clients in one streamlined workflow with tasks and document sharing.
  • Store client communication in one place; shared history of emails, notes, tasks, and activity relating to any job or client in this central platform that everyone can access. 
  • Provide an overview of the client including services assigned, workflow history, stages of job update displays showing upcoming, completed, and outstanding services and invoices dues, and many more.